The Lab

Our current studio ' The Lab'  is an inspiring creative space in the heart of Belfast with a high quality sound array alongside a wealth of equiptment for music production including vocal/voiceover,  DJ/Radio shows and Podcasts.



The studio and our production services are available for music makers/DJ's and more looking to develop projects through the facilities, equiptment & engineer services.  If your interested in using the facilities please get in touch with us below





1 Hour = £25 

2 Hour = £50

Block Sessions

                 For producers/musicians we offer the space & engineer time in 2 time blocks.                          

For longer or multi-day sessions please get in touch.  

4 Hour = £150 

8 Hour = £250 


Don’t wait for inspiration.

As hardware enthusiasts we have a strive to build a library of equiptment which bridges the gaps of inspiration with technology and playful energy.

Our equiptment is available in the studio with some pieces available for hire to members of our community to try out kit. 

As we progress with this into next facility we will be activating a model for collectors to donate underused equipment by which they can be added to our hire library with split arrangements to make use of equiptment and create return for owners.

If this interests you follow button below. 


Elektron Octatrack

Roland SP404MKII

DSI Tempest


DSI Prophet 6 Synthesiser 

Moog Subharmonicon

DSI Mopho

Elektron Digitone

EMU Proteus

Nord Synth Rack

Cyclone 303

Novation Bass Station

Make Noise Shared System 

Mixer / Mics / Misc

Midas F32 Analogue Mixing Desk 

Zoom H6n Field Recorder

Shure SM58's 

Shure SM7B

Shure SM57

Behringer C-1

Sony A7III & Sigma 24-70 

CDJ2000 Nxs & DJM 800





Vault Artist Studios 

4-85 Tower Street BT5 4FH